How Long Does A Bottle Of E Liquid Last?

The use of a vape, a type of electronic cigarette is very popular to smokers nowadays. Although the price is quite expensive, most smokers prefer to use it compared to a traditional cigarette because of its low nicotine content. Having a low nicotine content in a cigarette means lower risks of developing different kinds of diseases such as lung damage, heart problems, stroke and high blood pressure. Unlike traditional cigarette where it uses tobacco, vape uses e liquid which serves as the substance needed to produce smoke similar to that of a traditional cigarette.

E-liquid comes in different sizes and bottles and has many different types. The first type is known as PG or Propylene Glycol. This substance is commonly found in different beauty products, pet shampoos, tissue wipes and asthma inhalers. PG is a petroleum based substance. The second type of e liquid is known as VG or Vegetable Glycerin. Unlike PG, VG comes from the extract of different plants. VG is commonly used in different food emulsifiers, hand creams and moisturizers, pet foods, toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, bubble bath, deodorant and other beauty products. There are major differences in these two types of e-liquid. When it comes to consistency, VG is thicker compared to PG. They also differ in the amount of smoke they produce. Since VG is more viscous, it is said to produce more smoke compared to PG although PG can give you a kick in the throat sensation just like what you feel in traditional cigarettes.

How Long Will It Last?

E-liquid comes in different sizes. Wondering how long will it last when using? Well, it actually depends on how frequent you smoke. If you use it regularly, then it would be faster. But if you only smoke occasional, then it will last longer. You might want to consider using VG to produce more smoke.

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