FAQ About The BBG Program From Kayla Itsines

Your ability to burn fat, your appetite, and your hormones are all affected by your pregnancy. It’s these changes within 9 months that lead you to end up with eating habits you don’t normally have. It even affects your ability to burn fat because your baby needs you to store fat. When you’re expecting, your body has the tendency to get used to eating for two even after your baby is born. So what is the BBG? The BBG Program is a workout scheme designed by personal trainer Kayla Itsines in order to help you fight against your fat-acclimatized body due to your past increased appetite due to a hormonal body. It’s a huge help, because you can’t do strenuous activities during those 9 months, you tend to accumulate fat due to inactivity. Fat burning starts with changing your sedentary lifestyle.

Customizing Your Workout

  • Why is Kayla’s BBG effective? A fitness trainer like Kayla is extremely effective when it comes to mixing and matching workouts to better suit the skill level, fitness level, metabolism level, age, and youthfulness of the woman doing the workout. That’s actually what sets the BBG Program apart from other “bikini ready” workout regimes involving anything from the 1980s aerobics craze to the 1990s yoga craze as well as fad diets galore (from Atkins to Paleo and back).
  • What does the BBG bring to the table? The BBG regimen specifically targets problems areas immediately rather than having the exerciser or weight watcher continuously do mind-numbing tasks repeatedly until they gain zero fat and naturally have the muscles from underneath their frame come through. That takes long and many women lack the motivation or even fitness capabilities to get there. A workout can adapt in accordance to the abilities of the person working out.
  • Why customize your workout? The latter method actually works amazingly well on Hollywood A-listers when they do superhero or action movies that require loads of stunts and exposing their body in a bikini. Personal trainers also use this approach to effectively keep models in shape or beauty contestants to look great for their swimsuit or evening gown events. It’s consistent, it’s not demotivating, and it takes into accounts the strengths and weaknesses of the client.

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