What Causes A Droopy Eyelid, And How Is It Fixed?

There are many reasons why a person is suffering from ptosis or also known by many as eyelid drooping. Common issues include various medical disorder, trauma, and age. The real issue behind this disorder is that it can affect both unilateral and bilateral ptosis. The good news is, it may come and go or it can be permanent if you don’t do anything about it. You can have ptosis disorder at birth or it can also be developed later in life which is called as congenital ptosis. Again, such condition varies depending on the severity of the eye drooping lids. It can drop or reduce the vision which obstructs the pupil. It can be resolved naturally or surgery.

Natural Cause

Anyone can get droopy eyes, particularly for elderly people because of the again process. Age is inevitable but drooping eyes can be prevented. Keep in mind that even babies are not excluded in this kind of condition but it is quite uncommon. The most common cause of the eye problem is the levator muscles affecting the eyes. Children who are suffering from such condition can develop amblyopia or lazy eyes. It can limit their visions but it is curable.

Serious Condition

It can be bad to worse when you don’t do anything about droopy lid in Singapore. It several cases, it can lead a person into a brain tumor, cancer from nerves or muscles and stroke. Such disorder it considered as neurological that can affect the nerve in the eye like myasthenia gravis.


Many would not even notice that their eyes are sagging which is the common symptom of a droopy eyelid in Singapore. Another is extremely watery eyes and you notice that you face looks so weary or tired even if you have enough sleep. Aching is another symptom which holds a normal conversation while speaking to someone. Doctors will conduct examination and recommends medical treatment and in some cases surgery.

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